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Alan Hubbart

Born, October 15, 1943, Alan Hubbart, was a folk musician who played finger-pick guitar and sang for many a folk event in Fresno. He was a founding member of the Fresno Folklore Society and served as President and Fresno Flyer editor at various times in the early days. He said that his greatest influences for music style were the Library of Congress, “Sing Out Magazine,” and Jon Adams. His favorite music
was old time string band. While keeping food on the table as a Social Worker for the County of Fresno, he performed at many places, usually as a solo act but sometimes with others. He took the stage at the Olympic Tavern, the Wild Blue Yonder, the Catacombs, and acted and performed in plays written by Sue Lyon Beevers. He recorded an album, originally called “The Highways of My Mind” (thus the honking of horns at the beginning), which has been digitized and produced in CD form as Discoveries. After a stroke in 1993, he could no longer perform publicly. He was a lifetime member of the Fresno Folklore Society board and continued to attend every event scheduled by FFS and was a mainstay audience member at the weekly Santa Fe Basque jams. He was witty and had a wonderful sense of humor and
upbeat attitude. Sadly, Alan passed away on July 12, 2021.

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